Our Services & Products


Stock broking services:

  1.  Cash Trading Service
  2.  Margin Trading Service
  3.  Initial Public Offering (IPO) Service
  4.  Mobile Trading

CDBL related Services:

  1. Full Service Depository Participant (DP) Services.
  2.  Beneficiary Owner (BO) Account opening.
  3.  Dematerialization and Re-materialization of share.
  4.  Pledge and unpledged.

Account Opening:

Any Bangladeshi, non-resident Bangladeshi or Foreign Investor may open an account individually or jointly. The Institute may also open corporate account.


Other services & facilities:

  1.  Trading based on Large Projector Screen.
  2.  Modern Office Equipment.
  3.  Personalized Service, Dedicated TWS and separate section for big Investors.
  4.  Dedicated Trading space for the FEMALE clients.
  5.  Privilege for the high net worth individuals to trade in exclusive privacy.
  6.  Minimum Charges and Commissions.
  7.  Email & Other Services.
  8.  Telephone Share Trading Facilities.
  9.  Margin loan facilities to Clients as per BSEC Margin Rule-1999.
  10.  Informing our Corporate, Foreign & Retail Clients of the Market Status.
  11.  Providing Consultancy and Counseling services to our valued Clients regarding Capital Market.

Mode of Deposit: Cash, PO, DD and Crossed Cheque.


Our Responsibilities:

  1.  To provide satisfactory services to our customers
  2.  To set high Standard of Integrity
  3.  To extend the innovative services to the customers acquiring state of the art technology.

Currently we are offering attractive commissions to our customers on the basis of their respective daily turnover with us.


Market Analysis & Forthcoming IPO Information:

We always analyze the market position and accordingly the forthcoming IPO and accordingly furnish to our client the information through Fax, E-mail, Letter and Telephone.


Binding under the BSEC Regulations:

BSEC guidelines and regulations govern our total operations under all of the programs and products.

We attach herewith the scanned copy of our leaflet, which would provide you with necessary details about our Broker house and BO account opening procedure.

Based on the above, you are most welcome to visit our Broker house main office on any working day within 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. or you may send e-mail at contact@securities.biz, sas46md@gmail.com in case of any queries at your end.

Assuring our best cooperation and sincere effort to provide to customers as well as uphold and protect their interest in the field of securities trading services.